Artisan Tile

Artisan Tile As A Great Accent For Indoors

What Is Artisan Tile?

Believe it or not, but there is a great artisan tile dealer here in the Garden City by the name of David Regan. David owns Living Walls Tile, and has been making beautiful handmade tiles for many years now. In any case, we wanted to share more about this beautiful product, since we have an artist right here in town creating it!

The term of artisan tile is more of a descriptive term to denote the arrangement and application of different color tile blocks to, designed, picture, border and similar such arrangements. The process usually involves a skilled person, called an artisan who can create the perfect pattern called for by the home or business owner.


The materials used for the top can be stone, glass, ceramic and any other hard surface for which Thailand general can be formed. Tile has been a major building material dating back before the days of ancient Greece and Rome and we can still see many remaining Corel designs dating from those periods.

An example of an ancient tile design would be Moroccan tile which has been one of the staple concepts in America and the core and design for years. Since there is a new resurgence in arts and crafts in general, and in decorative tile specifically, many decorators are using more tile, is specifically artisan tile.

Artisan Tile Various Uses

Today spectacular arson tile layouts can be found all over a modern house from the kitchen, bathrooms, pool and deck areas as well as sidewalks and driveways. Let your imagination run wild for a good tile artist can do wonders with a bland and unimaginative indoor motif. An experienced artisan can create a design just for you that will fit the theme of your entire house and colors that go with the rest of your interior design.

For example the tile design for the back splash of your kitchen and the borders in your bathroom can be similar in design yet be in different colors, taking a theme through the entire house successfully. Tile is a permanent decoration as demonstrated by our finding so much tile that is still intact from an archaeological standpoint.

Learning How To Make Artisan Tile

In order to learn and master the craft of tile making there is a process with which most people can follow and become successful at this endeavor. Talent, of course helps but in addition to that one should become educated in regard to the materials required, such as paints, different types of clays, kilns and firing equipment and the coloration of tiles. In fact most tile artisans will spend an entire lifetime learning all about tile making and perfecting their techniques throughout the years.


Different Applications
While most tiles made our fashion from clay and ceramic materials, artisan tiles can be from glass, cut stones and porcelain. In most cases decorators were used tile as an accent as opposed to the main event. Such areas as sidewalks, decks, porches and the like are typical tile locations. However, sidewalks, driveways and garden areas have recently become more popular, particularly when an artisan is found to create the designs required.

The Future Of Artisan Tile
The use of tile setting by and artisan who is good at what they do will probably always be in demand by many upscale home buyers, as it sets apart and individualize is the person’s home as being special to them. For the person who sets the tile in this way is usually someone who’s very good of their craft an agreement issue is in their planning and laid out of the title. It is very likely that if you use such a person you end up on the one of a kind decorative tile situation, as opposed to a cookie cutter design than everyone else has.